Abortion — It takes 2 to make a baby

The proposed law:

When a woman gives birth via intercourse with her non-husband, he is responsible for ½ of the child’s prenatal care expenses, birthing expenses, and child support until the they reach 18 years of age.  The father’s amount of support shall be equal to 5% annually of the U.S. median income for the prior year.  It is to be paid monthly. If the father is not an adult, his guardians are responsible for his portion of the above child expenses and support payments until he reaches 18 years of age.


To stop abortions – stop unprotected sex.   It takes two to tango – and have a child.  

We keep taking out the issue of abortion on the woman.  What about the men involved?  How are they exempt from any responsibility?

The man is JUST as responsible as the woman.

Make the men think twice or maybe even only once.

We could pass a law that the father of a baby is liable for 1/2 of the prenatal expenses, birth expenses, and child support until the child is 18 years-old.   The amount could be pegged to 10% the U.S. Median income of the year prior to the child’s birth, paid monthly. Of course, he is only 50% responsible so his portion is 5%.  

With genetic testing and sites like Ancestry.com it is relatively to identify the father.

For example, if the U.S. median income is $60,000, then one-half of 10% (his share of the responsibility) is 5% = $3,000/annually or $3,000/12 = $250 month.  Every month for 18 years.   Garnish future wages if necessary.  If the boy is a juvenile, then his guardians are liable for the monthly payments until the boy reaches 18 years old.

This law would change the discussion and dynamic about sex, safe sex, and abortion.

Of course, making condoms available over the counter would help.   Using extended birth control, like Norplant, reduces the risk of childbirth, but not from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Making abortion illegal doesn’t make abortions stop happening.  Remember our 18th Constitutional Amendment for making Alcohol manufacture illegal and the 21st amendment repealing that Amendment.   People continued drinking, but illegally and nefarious characters became rich, while corrupting the law and law enforcement.

Abortions will still happen, but more of them in unsafe ways.

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