Why Are We Still Legislating Morality?

Sex, drugs (including alcohol), not rock-n-roll, but gambling being the big morality plays.

Our first major attempt at legislating morality was with Prohibition — outlawing the sale of alcohol in the U.S.. Prohibition came with the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and became the only one to be repealed by the later 21st Amendment. A massive effort to pass and repeal. Gangs and mobs gladly took over the business and taxes suffered. As did many citizens that were blinded or died from drinking non-ethanol “booze”, mainly methanol.

We have legislated gambling at the State level. Leaving this business again to gangs and the mob. Some States saw the folly in this strategy while gambling was legal in 2 States – New Jersey and Nevada. Why should they have all the fun? And tax revenue? First, step into gambling was State lotteries, and now Sport betting. More tax revenue with less criminal involvement.

Drugs are finally being dealt with in a more humane and intelligent manner – legalize and control the sale to adults. First marijuana, then maybe we decide to do the same for other drugs.

The last category that needs addressed is selling sex for money. Crime and human trafficking are rampant in this industry. Regular and standardized testing for diseases is not required, since it isn’t legal. If two consenting adults agree, what is the issue? Again, tax it and regulate it.  Legalization would go a long way to solving its issues.

The other side effects of legalization — for all of the above are:

  1. Lower crime, since it is legal to buy and sell, we do not need criminals to manage to pipeline.
  2. More revenue for the States and the Federal Government.
  3. Plus, generally the lowering the potency of drugs and alcohol since they do not need to be smuggled — and therefore shipped in highly concentrated form. People can now get “socially acceptable” concentrations e.g., beer and wine.
  4. Also, reduced availability of all of the above to minors – since companies could lose their license to sell the items.

The other advantage that must be financed with the State’s new-found wealth is — assisting the small percentage of the population that just cannot control their habit – sexual, gambling, drugs or alcohol. Have treatment be funded by the revenue. Help them, and advertise help is available.

We the people could implement these changes to the law, and policy,

with the Power to the People amendment to the Constitution.

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