Certain Key Roles of Government

Regulation.   Passing laws and then making regulation is what we expect of Government.  Let business and individuals create the products and services – within the confines of the regulations.

Enforcement.   Self-enforcement is not effective.  Having the regulated pay a fee for the Government’s need to enforce regulations is the most specific way to pay for it.  It is true for international and U.S. made goods.   To expect all Corporations to step up and address issues regarding their product or services non-compliance, is counter to time-to-market and profitability – and is wishful thinking.  Of course, Corporation’s desire to self-regulate. Imagine if we could self-regulate our paying taxes.   Once course many will try, but non-compliance would be even lower that today. 

Preparing for disasters – natural and man-made.   This requires stockpiling of possibly unused resources.  Imaging the DoD waited to start manufacturing weapons and ammo once a war started.  The same is true for civilian needs in times of emergency.  These resources may never get used (a possible good thing).  Regardless this requires funds ahead of time and planning. 

To reduce the possibility of man-made disasters we need regulations, see above.     

With the PttP in place we could out-law self-regulation and improve compliance.

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