How is Dark Money Improving Our Democracy?

An update to this post.   Unknowns pouring money into Non-profits that are twisting our political landscape by funding ads and more to push their point-of-view, without being identified prior to the election.  Both major parties are doing this.  But two wrongs do not make a right.   As shown in the Washington Post article below.

The authors of Public Financing of Presidential Elections and limits on outside money in politics, Senator McCain (R) and Senator Feingold (D)  — that was overturned by the Supreme Courts ruling on ‘Citizens United’ (that title is such a crock), are both playing by the new rules.   However, does money going into Super PACs with donors unknown.   Obviously, this increases the ability of Organizations outside the U.S. to influence our elections.  Plus it pollutes the idea of one person – one vote, when most the views that get visibility are pushed by a few very rich barons (top 0.1%).   I will venture a guess that their desires poorly align with the lower 0-90% income brackets.

Oh yeah — the answer is Dark Money is NOT improving our democracy.

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