Symptoms That The Rich Are Taking Over Our Political System

Maybe, it is that time in history where the U.S. Political Parties subdivide/realign and arrive at yet another pair of Parties, but the outcome will still leave Citizens without a real voice in the laws of the land.

The first of several posts showing the Major U.S. political Party is the Green $$$ Party.

Since Regan became president both parties have tilted more so to the Rich.  Of course, they take funds from their lower income Party members, and throw them a bone or two, but the real sausage making is for the well-to-do.

Trade began as a means to obtain items that were not available locally.  Business has high-jacked that idea to trade for things that were being made already in the United States, e.g. replacing American labor, often Union, with foreign labor.   Union busting was problematic in the U.S., but if you ship the jobs overseas, or South of the Border – labor problem solved.

However, the only reason China trade recently became problematic, and not sooner, is because it started to impact the Rich.  Even though Corporations had to join with a Chinese enterprise to compete in China (and allow the Chinese companies access to our Intellectual Property), the big incentive was Corporations were making much more money using cheap Chinese labor and exploiting the minimal environmental or safety regulations there.  Once Chinese companies decided to compete head-on with U.S. Corporations, even ones with Chinses teammates, is now the U.S. Companies are getting cutout of the China action (1.4 Billion new consumers vs 340 Million U.S. already consuming folks). Now, profits are getting hit — therefore senior management and major shareholders are getting alarmed.     Now, China trade is an issue.

The working class could make more, have better jobs, many of them in manufacturing, and therefore afford more expensive items.  Henry Ford saw how this could work.  Unfortunately, it does have a negative impact Corporate greed.    I am sure some well-balanced laws would help address the issue — ones similar to:

All employees should get receive a share of 25% of their Corporate employer’s annual profits, prorated by their corresponding annual hours worked, out of the grand total hours worked.

Notice, it doesn’t mention hourly wage as a criterion.  Corporations don’t make profits without their hard-working employees.  Recreate the Corporate triangle – customers, shareholders, and employees.

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