With The Voters Voice Amendment — the 4th Pillar We Can Implement Specific Federal Level Legislation

By passing an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, allowing National Initiatives to be voted on and passed by the electorate — without the involvement of Congress or the President.   In many ways such an Amendment could remove some of the pressure on our representatives to address legislation that is too controversial, or not on the radar of our representatives.

The Voters Voice Amendment (VVA) is non-partisan, and sets the bar to passage high enough so only straightforward and widely accepted laws will be passed.    Democracy 2.0 = Voter Empowerment

This initiative will take a committed effort by many organizations to convince Congress to allow consideration of the Voter’s Voice Amendment, plus coordinated backing on the State level to get it passed. It may require new legislators elected on a platform of supporting the Voters Voice amendment to get it enacted.

The magnitude of this effort should not deter us from the opportunity to change the dynamic in our U.S. Democracy, it is needed more that ever. We CAN bring democracy into the 21st Century. There is disruption ongoing in many businesses. Political Disruption, possible today with 24×7 communication, and the Internet, allows what was not possible on a National Scale previously. We should have — and require, more choices than voting for every 2, 4, and 6 years for a representative to speak entirely on our behalf on all political issues. They have their roles to play, but often the electorate priorities are not their priorities, and sometimes even if they do align, our representatives are not able step up because of deals they must cut to get their highest priority items addressed. We do not have this limitation and are not beholden to fund raising needed to get re-elected. A major consumer of our legislators time versus working on legislation.

Your Association is committed to improving the lives of Americans, and is the type of organization critically needed to put its power behind the Voters Voice Amendment.