Label Fake Videos

The PBS News Hour Canvas discussion Tuesday Jan 3rd was about the new MIT museum covering Artificial Intelligence. The new MIT museum had a video of Nixon talking to the American people about the failed Lunar Landing. It did NOT happen that way.   They used the text from an alternate speech prepared for President Nixon in case of a Lunar landing failure to create a video of the non-Nixon speech.  The reporter was amazed about how he could not tell the video was not real, without showing any of the concern maybe because the event was in 1969. It even looked outdated like all videos from back then.  This is not a good development at all.  People with agendas can create a fake copy of someone talking and pass it off as real.  This must stop. It is dangerous. In my view we need to pass a Federal Law with fines, and jail time if the infraction is severe enough, for not having a visible watermark on fake videos indicating they are “not real”.