Additional Requirements to become President of the United States

The President of the United State must represent all.   They must have knowledge and experience in governing.   As a country, we do not have time for the President to learn their role and how the Government operates. 

With people living much longer than when our country was founded, it is possible for a President to easily be of age 70 or older.   Additionally, with technology and many other aspects of life, the World is changing ever so quickly.  Along with the President’s long life, is the concern they do not understand how the World has changed, and its current impact on many generations born after the President’s.

Here is a proposed two section Referendum Amendment to help address these concerns with future Presidents of the United States:

  1. All potential Presidential candidates must not be greater than sixty five (65) years of age when assuming office for their first term as President.
  1. All potential Presidential candidates must have been elected by the people to a State or Federal Government position for a least four (4) years before assuming the office of President of the United States.

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