Make Election Day — a Day off from Work — and Voting Required

Other countries take the electoral process more seriously. In a recent election, Indian election staff traveled 300 miles to allow one person to vote.  In Australia, citizens are required by law to vote .

Minimally, we should give people the option of taking part of the day off from work (it doesn’t have to be paid, but that would be nice if employers saw voting as an important enough role in democracy to paid for some time off).   Regardless, citizens should be accommodated by their employers AND Government by making it as easy as possible to legally vote.   Polling places that are located where needed and staffed accordingly to expected turnout, encouraging write-in ballots, and having extended voting hours.

Maybe, we can get to a phone app that allows us to vote from wherever and also see how we voted.   It is problematic that one doesn’t see how their vote is registered and if the total tallies make sense.

Making voting required, one can submit absentee ballots, is also a way to remind people take ownership of their country and their Government.

Again giving Power To The People,

2 thoughts on “Make Election Day — a Day off from Work — and Voting Required

  1. NO! forcing a day off means a day without pay for some and a forced vote is wrong! I don’t plan to vote for this system, again and should not be forced to do so.


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