75% agree — Overturn Citizens United

Americans of all political persuasions agree on this — the Supreme Court decision is wrong in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. It allows unlimited Corporate money going into political campaigns.

According to a  study from the University of Maryland and the nonpartisan research group Voice of the People** . Three-fourths (75%) of survey respondents — that includes both — 66% of Republicans and 85% of Democrats — back a Constitutional amendment outlawing Citizens United.

In addition, the  study also found that most Americans — 88% overall — want to reduce the  large campaign donor financial influence  over lawmakers, at a time when a single congressional election may cost +$10s of  millions of dollars.

Overturning Citizens United has been a dream for years, although it’s highly unlikely to happen. Amending the Constitution requires a 2/3rds vote by both the House and Senate, followed by ratification by 3/4ths of State legislatures. The Constitution was last amended in 1992.

With the PttP amendment to the Constitution, the true United Citizens could make this happen on their own — without the need of Congress and the Supreme Court.  The justices are nominated by politicians and both Congress and the Court should all be recused from ruling on this matter in the first place.   #OverturnCitizensUnited

** https://www.pri.org/stories/2018-05-10/study-most-americans-want-kill-citizens-united-constitutional-amendment

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