Require U.S. Congress and the President lose pay if the Government is Shutdown.

Issue — Here we are on day 31 of the longest U.S. Government shutdown in history.   Seriously, Congress has only 3 required major roles; declare war (once every 70 years or so), confirm U.S. Government senior officials, and pass a budget for the next fiscal year.

Problem — So why do our Representatives believe the budget does not have to be done on time?  This forces Government employees out of the office, degrades Government Services, and disrupts countless lives dependent on Government for various reasons.

Answer, The Government shutdown doesn’t hit our elected U.S. Representatives where it counts — their pocketbook.  They play political games, while getting paid, as countless others suffer the consequences.

Amendment’s 2 Part Solution

  1. Deduct 5% of the Congress’, President’s, and Vice President’s gross pay EVERYDAY the Government is closed.  Closed means if ANY part of the U.S. Government does NOT have funding authorization for the ENTIRE new fiscal year (Starts October 1st).
  2. Neither Congress, or the President, shall be allowed to reimburse any U.S. Government elected representative for this penalty via a law, or by other means.

Impact — The Congress, President, and V.P. will have more than an entire year’s salary docked if we have another shutdown this long.  If it goes longer, then it will continue to become a debt owed to the U.S. Treasury.    Talk about Deficit reduction!

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