Pay cut if U.S. Federal budget not passed on time.

To all,

The end U.S. Fiscal year (September 30th) to the end of the calendar year drama that plays out nearly every year is wasteful. Agencies have to create contingency plans  wasting tax dollars and valuable time doing real work. This is one of the very few things Congress is required to do under the Constitution. But they, and the President, play games even beyond the deadline. One key reason is — they do not have any skin in the game. With the Referendum Amendment in place the citizens could pass a law changing that.


The Federal budget must be passed before the end of the fiscal year, or all the House and Senate Representatives, including the President, each take a 1.776% pay cut the next fiscal year  — for every day the budget is not passed.

This will add some Representative skin, and maybe some underlying tissue, in the game.



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