Black Lives Matter Isn’t Enough

Of course Black Lives Matter, but in my view, the message comes across to uncaring Whites the wrong way – the people I believe the message is trying to sway.

Violence against the Police, or anyone, isn’t a good answer as well. It only creates fear stopping any positive actions, alienates people, and entrenches prejudiced viewpoints. It totally destroys the Black Lives Matter message.

Instead of “request” messages or violence, use a slogan of empowerment —

Black Votes Matter!

 Hit them where it hurts – the voting booth.   The black vote is a powerful voting block, and can extract concessions from Politicians looking to get elected. You can include a large block of White, and other minorities as well, to help drive home the message.   Clear meaningful requests with consequences will work.

Frequently, if the mix of the Police force no longer matches the populous, then it would seem voting would allow you to replace the top brass with more acceptable leaders.

In addition, you can read about the Power to the People (PttP) Referendum and add the 4th Pillar to our Democracy — allow the voters to fix these issues ourselves.

#BlackLivesMatter #PttP

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